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10 Secrets Teenagers keep from their Parents

1.They are dating behind your back

They may be dating but, they will not tell you. Most teens have dated someone but, they never tell this to their parents, because, they know that their parents will not allow them to date but, in reality they are dating. They can talk with their significant other on social media but, their parents will never know that this is happening in their house.

2.They are not be doing as well in School as You think

You may not be getting good marks in university but, they will not tell their parents. Many university students don’t tell to their parents that they are getting much lower marks than the other students. Maybe the student is doing other things to become a success; like building a start-up or, focusing on other things that they think will help them make their way in this world but, parents always think that their child is getting good marks in college, however, it’s not true.

3.They have secrets on social media

Teenagers don’t want to connect with their parents on social media like: facebook or other social sites. Every teenager has their own secrets on social media and, his/her friends know about the secret, but teenagers don’t want their parents to know about their secret so, teenagers don’t allow their parents to become a, “friend”, on any social media site.

4.They want to be independent

Teenagers don’t want that their parents to control them. All parents want to control to their kids as much as possible but, teenagers think that they are not children anymore, teenagers don’t want their parents try to control them. Teenagers can decide for themselves what is right and wrong.

5.They want to go out alone

6.They are on social media with their significant other

Teenagers are really doing different things on social media then their parents think. All teenagers are really doing different thing on social media, maybe they are trying to connect with a partner they are dating. Maybe, they talk about different thing than they do with their parents. They share joke with friends but they never tell their parents that what they are really doing on social media.

7.They are smoking and drinking

Teenagers drink more than their parents think they do. They seem to think that their kids don’t drink and, don’t smoke, but to be honest they do. They drink and smoke with parents, and when parents realize this than it’s too late to stop them so, parents should directly talk with their kids about this because their kids will not tell you that they do drink. Don’t think that your kids don’t drink and smoke.

8.They have their own rule and style

Teenagers hate their parent’s choice clothes. Teenagers don’t like their parent’s choice in clothing, because, now as a teenager they can think for themselves what they should wear and, what they should not. They can make their own choice. If parents give cloths to their teenager as a gift, they may not like their selection but, they will not tell you about this

9.They lie about what happens at the party

Teenagers don’t tell to their parents what really happened at the party. When a teenager goes to party with their friends there are a lot of thing that happen in the course of the party

10.They don’t talk talk to their parents about their friends .

All teenagers have good and bad kinds of friends but, they don’t tell their parents about their bad friends.

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