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5 Simple Exercises you Should do Every Day for Good Health


Many people don’t realize it, but walking is actually very effective for good health. It is easy, simple, and suitable for people of all ages. Well fitting and supportive shoes are highly recommended for this exercise walk , it will be more better if you walk in morning or evening .


it is the next level of walking . running help you for burn more calories , it keep knees and hips health running keep your body active , health , it make your legs strong .old ages people may need to slow down , but everyone need to running in every age.


this exercise is good to make your good body shape and also it help to straight your body for more fitness you need to do squat. there are many kind of squat like back squat, box squat, front squat, hack squat, overhead squat , belt squat. you can try any 2 or 3 squat everyday

4.Push ups

most of people think that push up is arm exercise only but it is a whole body exercise . push up work on the upper body muscle, legs and of course it help to make a arm muscle. it doesn’t matter that how many you can do , but you should do push up every day .

5.Healthy diet

it is really not a exercise , but it is important for every good health health diet is the most important part of any fitness routine and exercise , if you will follow good health diet then other exercise e will work better .if you can not do other exercise then at least you can follow a good health diet for good health

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