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    Why it takes 60-75 Days? We approve Cashback once we receive Confirmation Report from Retailer(s) with a list of Valid Orders. Retailers pay us commission only on orders that are valid i.e. the orders which are not returned/ replaced/ exchanged. Retailers wait until the Return period is over (usually one month). for example: Customer place order in Jan. Then Retailer starts validation of all jan orders at the end of march.
    E.g. How to get cashback on stalkbuylove | You can do same for any website like flipkart, dominos & many more
    Steps 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

    1. Login To steacash, suppose You want to buy from stalkbuylove, check stalkbuylove Page on stealcash website http://stealcash.com/store/stalkbuylove OR click on next steps
    2. Enter stalkbuylove or any stalkbuylove Product url which you want to buy and click on Generate coupon + cashback
    3. Now You will cashback which we are giving for stalkbuylove + You can get available coupon code as well
    4. click on available coupon and copy anyone which can give you highest discount and Click on shop now button
    5. Now we are in stalkbuylove website, and now we will Shop like we normally do from stalkbuylove
    6. Suppose i want to buy this dress , I will add this prodcut in cart and let's do next steps now
    7. Now order placing is done on stalkbuylove, we can use coupon code as well if any available for this website
    8. After placing order check your pending cashback in stealcash account , usually it will update in 24-48 hours
    9. once return period of Product will be over , cashback will be confirmed and you can transfer your cashbach now
    10. You can check your order history as well and other option like missing cashback , Refer to friend
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